Sunday, April 29, 2012

Glass Bottle Necklace

I made a necklace out of the nail art glitter glass bottles I mentioned in the last post. It was really easy. The heart was from a pair of earrings that looked horrible on my ears. and I got the flower from my front yard. The purple flowers were perfect. They were tiny enough to fit into the bottle. and the leafs looks wonderful with the color contrast. I have no idea how long I can wear this for before the flower dies. But I will definitely  enjoy it while it last!

If you want this to last forever, you can make this out of those fake flowers from the craft store. I recommend that you take your glass jar with you to make sure that the flower will fit inside nicely. 

Hobby Lobby also sells these jars with a cork top if you cannot find these at the dollar store. (you may also look in scrapbooking section if you don't see them in the jewelry isle.)

(Another option for your flowers to last is to let it dry first. After wearing this necklace for 2 days, the flowers has closed. but the leafs are still very green.)


Dream {a Little} Bigger said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love that you used your bottle pendant with the gold locket. It looks awesome! :)

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