Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Poly-Fil's "Stuffing Stick"?

I was happily stuffing my newly made pillow with some Poly-Fil, and I felt something in the middle. I excitedly pull it out like a little kid pulling out toy from Cracker Jack box not knowing what it could be...
Turns out, it was a "stuffing stix". Before opening the package, I thought, "Oh interesting, I never bought stuffing that had one in it before." and then I tore open the package, and it was a CHOPSTICK! no, it doesn't just look like chopsticks, it actually is the exact same thing that you get at Chinese restaurants, but instead you only get one... It even has poorly printed instructions on the back. I guess the stick isn't too bad, considering I didn't expect it in the first place.

By the way, in the photo, my pillow was only half stuffed. I wanted to make a post about my uber cool "stuffing stix" when it was fresh on my mind. More about this pillow later! stay tuned!


Victoria said...

LOL it is just too funny that you had the same experience and reaction to the chopstick/stuffing tool in the bag! :)

Your pillow looks great :) The fabric looks really soft and cosy!

SKY said...

The fabric IS really soft! I will have a post about this pillow later and reveal a big surprise about the fabric that I used! I just need to sew up the seams first =)

By the way, your crocheted dragons are super cute! I used to love making Amigurumi bears, they are so fun.

Victoria said...

Aww thank you :)

I can't wait to see your finished pillow!

Alizaye Manigo said...
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