Tuesday, April 10, 2012

DIY: Solar Light

I've seen so many Solar light jars that I wanted to make one myself, but instead of using jars and glass bottles that has a glass lid, I am simply going to use the light part as the lid! This is seriously one of the easiest DIYs I've done, and the results will surely impress!

What you will need:
Solar Garden Light - I got mine at Target for $2 WooHoo!!
Glass Bottle - I had this on hand, It was a bottle from my diffuser, similar to THIS.
Nail Polish - preferably a sheer pearly polish and a matte top coat. (optional)
E600 Glue

1. If your glass container has been used for something else, clean it thoroughly and let it dry completely.

2. Take the top of solar garden light off. If your lucky enough to find the exact same one at Target this step is easy, all you have to do is twist it off. The light that I got was designed with an on and off switch so it was meant for you to take the light off so you can turn it on and off. This is great because I am able to turn off the light when I don't want it to be on! If you have other kind of garden solar light, you  might have to use a screw to take the top off. 
Once you take it off, you want to test that the top will fit your container right. The mouth of my bottle is small enough where I still have access to the on and off switch. YAY!

3. Test out your colors! I used a clear glass lid that I didn't need anymore and swatched all the nail polish colors that I felt might work. Then, I turned off the light and took out my garden light to see which color I liked the best. I decided on a combination of 3 colors + matte top coat mixed together. I actually put a little bit of my chosen colors in a small glass container that I had just to make sure that it's the color i wanted. 

4. Pour your nail polish into your bottle. How much polish to use depends on the size of your bottle. Mine was pretty small so I used about 30-40 drops of polish total. (of course if you prefer a clear glass you can certainly skip the polish part.)

5. Shake your bottle like crazy and make sure there's an even coat of polish inside the bottle. Turn it upside down and let the extra polish drip out. Now, you have to wait till the polish is completely dry. 

6. Now all you have to do is use your E600 glue and glue the top on your bottle! Let it dry, put it under the sun, and VIOLA!

Hope you enjoyed my first tutorial!


travnewmatic said...

MOAR! very stylish, keep it up!

SKY said...

Thanks Travis!

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