Friday, April 13, 2012

You can NEVER have enough nail polish

Okay. I admit, I might have a little obsession with nail polishes, so you might not want to take any Nail-Polish-Buying advice from me.  Whenever I see a color that I do not own at the store, I want to pick it up. When I read forums/blogs with pretty pictures of swatches, I want to go to the store and buy more polishes. If I see polishes for sale, I will probably pick out a couple. Buying 1 or 2 a week or even month can really add up. Over the last couple of years, my collection grew from 20-30 bottles to about... several hundreds? The truth is, I am a little afraid to count them. I upgraded from using clear plastic shoe boxes to "Melmers", which is a cheaper Michael's version of IKEA's Helmer. The Melmer is actually very famous on the interwebs, if you do a search on google for Melmer, alot of images come up. I personally got the Melmer for several reasons:
  1. Cheaper
  2. More storage
  3. Made of MDF instead of Metal
  4. Its Modular, so I can get more if I wanted.
I actually use several drawers to store tissues, lotions, and just random stuff. It doubles as my night stand. I used this system for about 2 years. and I had ran out of space and had some over flow of polishes where I store in a crate (or just random places around my room). 

For my Nail Polishes
My Melmers. It is 2 Melmers stacked on top of each other with a wooden cutting board on top to increase the top's surface so I can put more stuff on it.
(the last drawer is full of my nail supplies from when I used to do acrylics, and it does not close all the way)

Then, One day my friend showed me a video showing a girl (Dulcecandy) making a nail polish rack. I loved it! I thought about it for a couple of days about how I would make it. And one day I started looking at youtube videos about making nail polish racks. THERE WERE A BUNCH, but only one stood out to me. Nguerriero19's video was clear and the finished product was what I was looking for. After I saw the video I could not wait one more day, and went out to buy the supplies right away. 

I got 3 foam board, hot glue gun, and hot glue. can you believe that's it?

I did make a few changes:
  1. I did not use the Ductape on the lip.
  2. The measurement for the front lip is 3/4" instead of 1'.
  3. The 2 sides were 2 3/8 instead of 2 1/2 so it was completely flush with the front.
The rack is secured with some anchors to my dry wall on all 4 corners, I also put on washers to make sure it is very secure. Some of you might think, "Foam boards are flimsy! It will not hold up." I had the same thought when I first saw the video, but after I made the rack, I cannot believe how sturdy it is! If you secure it well to the wall, it should not come apart/fall off! I even put 2 rows of polishes on some of the shelves and it is not coming apart.

Here are some before and after pictures.

I am very happy with the result, my polishes are right on my wall where I can easily see them. But that also means other people can see them as well, and see how crazy I am with my polishes. 

I am planning on making one more. but next time I will probably  not use hot glue. I like the things I make to be perfect, and hot glue just do not give me enough time to line everything up exactly right. It dries way too fast and glue will seep out from the seams and if you look closely you can see the glue (I did add a line of glue to the bottom and use my finger to smooth it out, I do not recommend doing this becausemetimes so it will burn your fingers and you have to be very careful). I will probably use Tacky Glue, it seems to hold up quite well.  

Over all this project cost me a whopping $9. If you already have your glue on hand, and happens to catch foam boards on sale at Hobby Lobby, you can make this for less than $5. You just cannot beat that! I happen to like the look of white foam boards, but if you want to do black, It will probably cost a little more just for your information. 

Let me know what you think! I'd love to hear from you!


Victoria said...

I.. LOVE... this! You did such an awesome job. What a great way to organize and display your nail polish collection!

I'm also a little bit jealous too ;)

SKY said...

Thank you! you are too sweet.

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