Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Glass Pendant-Making Class

Last week, my friend and I bought a Groupon for a Pendant Making class at Smashing Times in Dallas. When we arrived at the class, We realized we were the only ones attending this class on that day. It was such a fun time picking out our glass, and learning the process. Here are some pictures!
Before the pendants went in the Kiln
After the pendants were fired and bails were attached
The purple/pink one was mine, and the one with blue in it is my friend's. I am overall okay with the results, the only thing about them is that they are not smooth like I thought they were going to be after firing. The samples that they provided were all very smooth, and leveled. I just wish the "instructor" would have told us more about how they were going to be like when we were making them.


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