Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Glass Bottle Vase

Today my mom was doing some tile work in the kitchen, and I decided to try to use the tile cutter to cut some glass bottles lying around.

1. I taped off where I wanted to make the cut.
2. adjust the tile cutter's guide to match where you want the blade to cut your bottle.
3. add water to the tile cutter, and start cutting by rotating the bottle around slowly.
4. After cutting, remove the tape, and wash the bottle carefully. The cut part is sharp so do not touch it.
5. Start sanding. I used a sanding attachment with a drill, and sand all sides dipping in water once in a while.
Wash again, and you are done!

Taped off before cutting

unwashed after cutting

after washing


My beer bottle cracked at the end of cutting. The glass was much thinner on the beer bottle, so I would recommend using a bottle with thick glasses for cutting.

After sanding

It is not perfect, there are areas where it chipped a little but it's fine for what I'm using it for.


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