Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dollar Store Find: Grow your own Crystal

This was in the craft section at Dollar Tree. They also had pink and green, but this was the only purple left. I have bought something similar to this before from Earthbound, but it was more expensive, and crystals were not what I expected.. (they just looked like white salt accumulated on the rock) I am hoping for better results this time.

Crystal Growing Kit
Crystal Growing Kit Back

opened kit

Here is what It came with. Tray, Stir Stick, 2 Rocks, and a pack of "Crystal Chemical". 

I made a mistake on this part, you are supposed to use HOT water to dissolve the chemical, but I was lazy and didn't want to use another container, so I didn't want the tray to melt if I put boiling water inside. so I only used warm water. After stirring it for 5 min, the chemicals did not dissolve all the way. 

After putting the rock in the water, I followed the instruction and sprinkled the rest of the chemical on the rock, and it accumulated itself on the rock, making it look like its growing crystals already.

The tray is very flimsy, so make sure you place the tray in something sturdy so if you can move it around if you desire.

I hope I'll get some beautiful crystals, but if not, its okay, because I still love watching the process of crystals forming. I will keep you updated on how this turns out!


Here is my end result of my crystals.

A little disappointed that the crystals didn't end up on the rocks, but still pretty cool.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE these types of things. I'll be heading to the dollar store this weekend to buy a kit or two. Thanks for the post!

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